Compact Culture System™ (CCS)

$ 60.99

Compact Culture System™ (CCS)
Live zooplankton such as rotifers and Artemia are essential first-feeds for the larve of many fish (for example, Clownfish). The APBreed Compact Culture System (CCS) is designed to make benchtop-scale culture of zooplankton easy and reliable.

The CCS combines a conveniently-sized 5-gallon bucket with a custom-made fitting that incorporates an aerator and a particulate waste trap. Aeration provides oxygenation and water circulation that draws particulate wastes into the trap (floss).

Daily maintenance of the culture (aside from feeding and harvesting) requires only 5 minutes to flush the wastes from the trap and brush the interior surfaces of the bucket. The CCS is sturdy and easily transported, and includes a flexible translucent cover that isolates the culture from contamination.

"After integrating the Reef Nutrition Compact Culture System into our current setup, we experienced a 100% improvement in overall water quality and rotifer density. With the step by step guide provided with each system, anyone can cultivate dense rotifer cultures at home with ease"!

– Garrett Arnone & Mike Garateix, SoFlo Aquaculture

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