RotiGrow® OneStep 1 Liter

$ 71.99

RotiGrow® OneStep is a liquid, high-yield microalgal blend rotifer feed that contains all of the nutritional components needed to produce the most healthy and vigorous rotifers and larvae in one easy step.

It is the cleanest, most reliable and easy to use nutrition for rotifers and lavae on the market. The nutrition is incorporated into the tissue of the rotifers, not merely the gut contents. The whole cell of the microalgae is preservered through a proprietary, biosecure process, encapsulating all the nutrients. Intact cells mean a cleaner tank, less waste and greater value.

Step Up to OneStep For Consistent Hatchery Production

Grow-out enrichment with RotiGrow OneStep along with the adoption of optimal rotifer culture practices (described below), enables hatcheries to reduce costs, improve the reliability of rotifer production and produce more nutritious and more vigorous rotifers, for improved growth and survival of larvae.

RotiGrow OneStep provides all these advantages:

  • Full-spectrum enrichment from microalgae
    In addition to optimal highly-unsaturated fatty acid (HUFA) enrichment, RotiGrow OneStep provides comprehensive tissue-bound vitamin, mineral, and carotenoid enrichment of rotifers without sacrificing other nutritional factors or stressing the rotifers.
  • Optimal HUFA enrichment with high protein content
    This eliminates any separate enrichment steps. Typical analysis (ash free) of rotifers grown on RotiGrow OneStep:
    • 70% Protein
    • 12% lipid
    • 25% DHA (% of fatty acids)
    • 7% EPA (% of fatty acids)
    • 2% ARA (% of fatty acids)
  • Healthy rotifer cultures
    Rapid growth, fouling minimized, reduced bacteria loads.
  • Higher yields at high densities
    Rotifers can double daily at densities over 5 million L-Type rotifers per litre. RotiGrow OneStep grows rotifers as well as Nannochloropsis or RotiGrow Plus.
  • Concentrated, clean, liquid form
    Exceptionally easy to use, produces cultures with minimal foaming or clumping, requiring less maintenance.
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