RotiGrow® Plus 1 Liter

$ 71.99

All-in-One Grow-Out Feed with Omega Pre-Enrichment

RotiGrow Plus is a clean, high yield rotifer feed that maximizes pre-enrichment levels of DHA, EPA and ARA. It is the essential first step in the RotiGrow System. It can be used as a stand-alone feed depending on the nutritional requirements of the fish larvae, or in combination with one of our N-Rich enrichment products.

RotiGrow Plus Offers:

  • Healthy Rotifer Cultures — Rapid growth, minimal fouling and reduced bacteria loads
  • Higher Yields — Rotifers can double daily at densities over 5,000 L-Type rotifers per ml
  • Essential Omega Boost — Provides 50-100 percent of the Omega-3 fatty acids needed by the larvae of most marine species — without secondary enrichment!*
  • Optimum Enrichment — Supports full highly-unsaturated fatty acid (HUFA), full vitamin enrichment with proper protocols, and additional carotenoid enrichment of rotifers without sacrificing other nutritional factors or stressing the rotifers
  • Concentrated, Clean, Liquid Form — Exceptionally clean and easy to use with minimal foaming or clumping, which means less time spent maintaining cultures
  • All-In-One Feed — For species such as barramundi, sea bass, zebra fish and many ornamental fish such as clown fish, RotiGrow Plus is an excellent “all-in-one” feed and enrichment product
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